The biggest obstacle to building a solid financial, estate and/or business plan is not knowing who to ask for assistance and, even more importantly, who to trust.

Professional Financial Services, Inc. (PFS, Inc.) may be the right choice for you if you are interested in working with a financial advisor who:

•Has the expertise to help you evaluate your financial affairs;

•Is trustworthy, diligent, dependable and follows through;

•Develops long-term relationships with clients;

•Will guide you to legal and other advisors;  

•Stays current with the ins and outs of planning and tax codes; and

•Is innovative in creating user friendly, valuable tools for your use. 


PFS, Inc. delivers an organized, well-honed, personalized plan that manages the crucial financial and legal issues affecting your family and/or business. We will:

•Methodically guide you through an analytic process to help you understand where you  stand. 

•Incorporate the ever-changing tax laws and codes affecting your decisions into the  planning process. 

•Advise you on how to obtain and create key documents for the protection of you and  your loved ones in the event of your longevity, incapacity, or premature death.

 •Help you choose financial instruments to help you build wealth and/or protect your  personal and/or business assets. 


How well prepared are you and your family members for lifes inevitabilities? Find out by completing our Planning Checklist (click here). 


“Long range planning does not deal with future decisions, but with the future of present decisions.”      Peter Drucker

As you navigate through this site, think about this:

When is the right time to plan?  If its now, please contact us.  When you do, we will work with you to determine if we are the right financial advisor for you!

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We strive to do business in a manner that results in your friends thanking you for having referred them to us.